Managing and supporting cannabis investments is time consuming and expensive.  

Trevett Hill provides cannabis investors with an external team to help their investments reignite growth. 


Turn Around


Investors trust Trevett Hill's confidential turnaround specialist to discretely work with their troubled cannabis company's management team to analyze, triage, stabilize and develop a comprehensive turnaround strategy.  Investors can gain confidence knowing that their management team is now guided by on-site professionals with years of experience in the cannabis industry, bankruptcy,  cost accounting, human resources, marketing and operations.    Management will be reinvigorate when it is relieved of crisis issues and are free to refocus on their strengths. 


Investment Acceleration


There's an art to preparing a business for it's next round of funding. The complexities and uncertainties of the cannabis industry can often complicates this process.  Working confidentially with investors and management, Trevett Hill will develop and help to implement a comprehensive plan to increase the value of the enterprise.

Pre-Investment Due Diligence

preinvestment due diligence.jpg

Investing in a cannabis businesses can be risky because there are so many non-traditional factors that must be analyzed.    Rapidly changing laws in the 50 states and the complexities those changes bring can impact sectors within the industry differently and the impacts may not always be apparent.  Trevet Hill's comprehensive due diligence helps to minimizes investor's risk.   After an on-site examination of the financials, internal controls, inventory and interviews with management, staff, clients and competitors, Trevett Hill provides the investor with a confidential detailed company evaluation and plan of action.